Teapot, Tea Salon and Kitchen

As soon as I walked into this cozy tea salon in the San Salvario district of Turin, I was immediately taken by the décor and the scrumptious offerings. In addition to the assortment of teas, one can also find quality espressos and cappuccinos. From first glance, the amount of attention and detail the owners have put into everything is quite clear. Old bicycles tied together with flower baskets cleverly border the outside seating arrangements and inside there are hand-painted chairs, custom cushions and collectible teapots in an array of sizes and colors that blend together effortlessly.

But what really makes this place stand out from the rest is their approach in offering vegan baked goods and dishes along with alternative dairy products. One of my favorite dairy substitutions is oat milk or latte di avena.

So, if one is looking for a relaxing environment to have breakfast, lunch or just a snack this place should not be missed!

Teapot, tisaneria con cucina, tea salon with kitchen                                                  Via Silvio Pellico 18, Turin, Italy


About Rachel Steckler

Culinarian, Slow Food Advocate and Jazz composer...living in Brooklyn
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