Having some restaurant work experience in Miami and Turin I remember well my meals that were taken after lunch service. And so the other day, we decided to meet some friends who own and operate a restaurant in the San Salvario district of Turin called Enò. Enò was created by three women who are passionate and dedicated to producing a menù that “creates an encounter with small producers and attentive consumers.”

Their two approaches meld so well together: Chef Pina brings her keen sense and know-how to the kitchen while her husband Ernesto brings his culinary management expertise.

So what makes them stand out from the rest besides good food and wine and at a good price? Did I mention that they have a small enoteca where you can buy local wines from Piedmont and from all over Italy? Did I mention that they offer live music every Thursday during their aperitivo? Did I mention the good service and home-like atmosphere?

Chef Pina is from Puglia and after our chat she offered everyone a caffè leccese or coffee from Lecce in Puglia. Here’s a quick breakdown of the recipe:

  1. small glass filled with ice cubes, (in the southern part of Italy, caffè is traditionally served in a glass)
  2. teaspoon of cane sugar
  3. tablespoon of almond syrup or almond milk
  4. freshly made espresso

Pour the freshly made espresso into a glass over ice cubes, mix all ingredients and serve.

Thank you to Chef Pina and Ernesto for sharing some of their precious time with us!

Enò, Via B. Galliari 12/L, 10125  TURIN

tel 011 6596031


About Rachel Steckler

Culinarian, Slow Food Advocate and Jazz composer...living in Brooklyn
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