Enò: Chatting with a Chef

Chatting with a Chef

Having some restaurant work experience in Miami and Turin I remember well my meals that were taken after lunch service. And so the other day, we decided to meet some friends who own and operate a restaurant in the San Salvario district of Turin called Enò. Enò was created by three women who are passionate and dedicated to producing a menù that “creates an encounter with small producers and attentive consumers.”

Chef Pina brings her keen sense and know-how to the kitchen while her husband Ernesto brings his culinary management expertise. Their two approaches meld together harmoniously and rhythmically.

So what makes them stand out from the rest besides good food and wine and at a good price? Did I mention that they have a small enoteca where you can buy local wines from Piedmont and from all over Italy? Did I mention that they offer live music every Thursday during their aperitivo? Did I mention the good service and home-like atmosphere? And last but not least, their offering of tiella, which originates from Puglia in Southern Italy, is pure comfort food.

Caffè Leccese

After our chat, Chef Pina offered everyone a caffè leccese or coffee from Lecce in Puglia. Here’s a quick breakdown of the recipe:

  1. small glass filled with ice cubes, (in the southern part of Italy, caffè is traditionally served in a glass)
  2. teaspoon of cane sugar
  3. tablespoon of almond syrup or almond milk
  4. freshly made espresso

Pour the freshly made espresso into a glass over ice cubes, mix all ingredients and serve.

Thank you to Chef Pina and Ernesto for sharing some of their precious time with us!

Via B. Galliari 12/L, 10125  TURIN

tel 011 6596031

Follow them on Facebook: Enò Libero Emporio Enogastronomico



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