Comfort Food in Turin

These days, I miss more and more the food I was raised on. There are many dishes and desserts that come to mind, but I think it’s more about food memory: remembering what it was like to be in the kitchen while my mom and/or grandmother were cooking for the family.

With that said, I’ve been on a hunt for comfort food in Turin and I think I’ve found it: pizza al padellino! This particular kind of pizza made its way to Turin some years ago all the way from Tuscany. Padella (pah-DELL-ah) in Italian means baking pan and padellino means little baking pan. What makes this pizza different is that it is like what we would refer to in the States as a “personal pizza,” because it’s just the right portion for one person. It’s baked in a round baking pan which allows for the edges and the bottom of the pizza to become ever-so nice and crispy.

Pizza al padellino con cipolla at Pizzeria RIO

Another favorite comfort food of mine is farinata, (fah-ree-NAH-tah). Farinata originates from Liguria, the region just to the south of Piedmont and is made with chickpea flour, olive oil, water and salt. It’s basically a flat bread and is naturally gluten free. The trick to making farinata is to use a copper pan and it must be baked at a very high temperature. Farinata is served with freshly ground black pepper. For my taste, farinata must have a crispy crust on top and around the edges and you can find one like this at Pizzeria RIO.

Almost gone farinata from Pizzeria RIO

So, where can you go to try some of the best pizza al padellino in Turin? Truth is I have five recommendations.

Pizzeria RIO,Via G. Dina 28, telephone: 011 3175331. This is an old-style family restaurant that has been around Turin since 1954!! They only serve pizza al padellino and la farinata.

Pizzeria RIO

Pizzeria da Michi, Via San Donato 38, telephone: 011 4732408. This is a family style full-service restaurant.

Charile “Bird,” Via Gioberti 1, in the San Secondo area of Turin. Cozy environment filled with jazz photo memorabilia and wonderful jazz music, sometimes live! This is a full-service restaurant and bar.

Il Padellino, Corso Vinzaglio 21, telephone: 011 533730. A full-service restaurant that is very trendy!

Pizzeria da Gino, Via Monginevro 46/bis, telephone: 011/3854335. Thanks to Linda for this recommendation!


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8 Responses to Comfort Food in Turin

  1. le cu-gine dAmerica says:

    I have just stumbled upon your blog by chance.
    I am Italian, from Rome but have lived in Torino for more than 10 years and now I live in the USA. This is the first post I am reading in your blog and I have a suggestion for another place where I loved eating Farinata and Pizza al Padellino. You have to go to Pizzeria Gino in Via Monginevro 46 in Torino. It is a small place and they don’t accept reservations, often you will find lines in front of the entrance, but the farinata and the pizza is worth the wait. Looking forward to reading your posts. I hope you love Torino as I did, and that your experience will show that Italy is not only about visiting Roma, Firenze, or Venice. Torino is a wonderful town, Piemonte is a great region full of history, art, eno gastronomic culture etc.

  2. le cu-gine dAmerica says:

    Would be great to see a review about Gino’s. I used to live close to via di Nanni and corso Racconigi. I miss the mercato di corso Racconigi so much, and the mercato coperto di Corso Racconigi is AWESOME. My butcher, da Silvano and Mariella had wonderful Coalvi meat and Mariella offered a great piemontese cheese selection. I miss the Paglierina so much. The fish stall L’Ancora is another great place, to buy fish, a bit expensive though. They sell also fresh made to go food or you can eat it there with a glass of white wine (Roero Arneis would be nice)! Their Strudel di pesce spada or i Ravioli di pesce are so good!

    • Yes, I will definitely have to write about Gino’s…it’s a classic! The mercato in Corso Racconigi is one of my favorites. I stumbled across the market almost 2 years ago and it left quite an impression upon me!

  3. le cu-gine dAmerica says:

    Do I sound nostalgic?

  4. Anne McDonagh Sigliano says:

    Just came across your blog …. I’m Scottish/Irish and live in Pecetto where I’m very active with UNI3 (university of the Third Age ….)…. After spending many years in Latin America , I’m happy to be back in Piemonte …. Looking forward to reading more of your articles…..

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